Baja Kayak Fishing

JP and I hit the beach in the late afternoon.  We had just arrived at Punta Colorada for a four day kayak fishing adventure. The drive up from San Jose Del Cabo was classic Baja–bad roads, kids playing soccer in dirt lots, live stock roaming free, the mandatory stop for a case of cerveza.

We grabbed two kayaks and paddled into the warm calm waters of the Sea of Cortez.  It was simple fishing: we tied on small crank baits and trolled a mile or so up the coast, holding tight to the rocky shoreline. We caught small snapper, grouper, puffer fish, and trigger fish every twenty yards. As the sun began set behind the desert mountains, the blue Cortez reflected a vibrant orange.  Three days of adventure fishing ahead and the trip was already worth the journey. 


As we headed back to camp for beers and tacos and fish stories, my rod snapped back.  I pulled in the last trigger fish of the day and released it into a pure and perfect moment.

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