¬†For those of you who wondered if my blog “Locavore Gone Wild” was just another empty New Year’s resolution (three or four posts and I fell off the map), not to fear! We are in week three of the 2012 and I’ve eaten only game meat save for a dinner at a locavore bistro (had an organic, local grass fed burger) and a dinner at our good friends home (I’m not going to be a rude fanatic!). But after talking about my little project with my good friends Dan and Sandra Harris at Profits Marketing Group and my brother-in-law and fellow game cook enthusiast Louis Borowicz, I decided to expand the blog. Louis will be a regular contributor on the blog and our friends at Piranha will help make using the blog a pleasing experience!

In the coming weeks expect recipes for boar, elk, fish, and venison. We plan to post more video and photos. And for those of you who missed some of the content on my older blog “Field and Feast,” we will be re-posting that content from our archives.

Enjoy the new adventure!

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